About This Project

The foundation became aware of this group through Derrik. His final semester project revolved around the movement Patagonia Chileana ¡Sin Represas!

( that was pitched in a battle to prevent damming of two wild rivers using five dams in Patagonia.

Derrik and Roger had many conversations about the two sides of the argument, energy development to expand opportunities for the country and its people and the associated negative impact of damming beautiful rivers. Human development comes sometimes at great cost. Humans are an expensive species.

Derrik died in an accident while traveling through the region with his friend Sam (who is now a FFF board member) doing research for his work. We wanted to honor Derrik’s work and passion by supporting his cause, Sin Represas. This is a Chilean organization that cannot be granted funds by a US Foundation. However, we worked with Conservacion Patagonica who stepped up to the plate to provide the required conduit. In fact, the founder of Conservacion Patagonica, in a true act of humanity, reached out to us personally when Derrik died. It meant the world to us. Our connection to this cause is deep.