About This Project

FFF became involved with Gotta Have Hope in 2013 when an old friend of Roger’s named Dave Jensen introduced him to the courageous work of the small, yet impactful organization. Dave had sent Roger an email briefly explaining the type of projects that Gotta Have Hope supports and encouraged Roger to meet one of the founders who was going to be visiting Denver in the coming months. It was through this personal introduction and connection that the roots of commitment between FFF and Gotta Have Hope were established. Dave passed away in 2019 and many mourn the loss. FFF has dedicated their grants to Gotta Have Hope in Dave’s name.
HOPE works in Uganda to improve access to Healthcare, introduces Opportunities for social and economic growth, and assists individuals in reaching their full potential by establishing opportunities for Education.
Gotta Have Hope is a perfect fit for FFF. They work both in education and health, is small yet efficient, was discovered through a personal referral, and is run by people who are passionate and who the Flahive’s know are personally vested in its success.