About This Project

In 2010 Roger and Derrik embarked upon a second African hunting safari, this time in Tanzania. As was the case in Zambia, they wanted to enhance their trip in conjunction with the FFF. FFF partnered with the African Professional Hunters Association (APHA) and stove manufacturer Envirofit. The goal was to reduce the human impact near the game reserves. In particular, the nearby villages encroach upon the reserves and use the wood from the forest trees for cooking. This impacts the habitat required by the wildlife.
Envirofit had just then started to distribute high efficiency wood burning stoves for use in the third world. With the help of Joe Prather, the APHA President, FFF hired a project coordinator by the name of Aaron Perez to introduce and advocate for the use of such stoves.
The plan was to cooperate with the hunting operators in the Selous Game Reserve in these efforts to implement high efficiency stoves. In the end their was insufficient participation by the operators to meaningfully decrease deforestation through these efforts. FFF had tried and had failed but had learned lessons in the process.