About This Project

FFF was originally introduced to the plight of Rwandan students in 2011 through a college friend of Derrik’s named JJ. Although intrigued by the initial conversation, and the story that JJ told of his bright, young friends back in Rwanda who lacked the money to attend college, Roger was not convinced enough that he needed or could do more.
After Derrik’s death, however, Roger was inspired to follow through on the issues and causes that meant so much to his son. Through JJ, Roger was connected to Rwanda Medical Students (Bridge2Rwanda), a program that brings Rwandan students to the US to study and learn to become future leaders in their communities. A deep relationship was created and FFF facilitates the work of B2R by paying the university fees and living expenses of the students. Through their support, FFF has enabled two students to complete their studies and return to Rwanda to serve their communities as a physician and a nurse. FFF continues to support additional students through B2R.

FFF helps to support medical students in Rwanda. Click here to view their student profiles.